Welcome to CDC 
Chemical Dependency Counseling is a non-profit, integrated mental health counseling service with more than thirty years of practice skill. Our corporate offices are located in Jacksonville, Florida with additional sites in Brunswick, Georgia. We provide a wide diversity of mental health counseling services including substance abuse, dual-diagnosis, mental health and sex offender treatment. We offer both standard outpatient counseling as well as intensive outpatient treatment Our highly skilled and dedicated clinicians are board certified in both Georgia and Florida and meet or exceed all federal, state, and local level requirements for specified conditions.

Our Promise 
The dedicated staff of CDC values equality and integrity in our commitment to understanding human behavior. We adhere to the highest professional and ethical standards while providing caring and compassionate mental health counseling to each patient. Our fundamental treatment philosophy embraces the inter-relational dynamic of human systems including individual, family, spiritual, physiological, and community.

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